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Intellectual Property is a dynamic and changing area of law which deals with the exploitation of inventions, literary and artistic works, distinguishing signs, among other intangible assets. Our specialized department provides an integral legal service regarding prosecution, management and enforcement of intellectual property rights, which includes patents, trademarks, industrial designs, utility models, copyrights and related rights, domain names, and plant patents. In addition, we offer consultancy regarding international registrations (Madrid System), dispute resolutions, due diligence, technology transfer, secrets protection, entertainment and IT Law. 


The Corporate Law Department advise a range of domestic and foreign clients, providing them a legal piece of advice in the daily activities of the company, as well as in highly complex transactions, such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Spins-off, Private Equity, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, Restructures, Assets Purchases, Shareholders Agreements, advice on  regulatory issues, foreign investment and corporate governance. The constant update of domestic and international legislation, make the Corporate Law Department a benchmark inside and outside the organization.


Advice to technology, financial technology, and FinTech’s companies, focused on identifying the strategy that best suits their business model and, if required, suggest the type of financial entity that fits their operation. In the case of financial institutions, the Fintech Department advises numerous clients in the process of authorization and initiation of activities, providing consultancy in regulatory, legal, and money-laundering prevention matters.


Our Environmental Department provides consulting, specialized litigation, processing, and obtaining authorizations or permits in connection with environmental responsibility, sustainability, comprehensive waste management, environmental management plans, among others, in order to comply with domestic legislation in the subject. Likewise, we focused on advising on regulatory assessments aligned to compliance in matters of labels, advertising, commercial practices, websites, and protection of personal data, as well as the corresponding management before health and administrative authorities (notices of operation, product registration, advertising permits, among others).


The Tax Law Department works at all times in a coordinated manner with the other areas of the Firm, in order to develop and execute efficient and innovative tax strategies that allows the Client to comply with its tax obligations, in accordance with Mexican legislation. The continuous study of modifications to the tax provisions and the understanding of the Client's business model are the main characteristics of our fiscal practice.


The Department of Foreign Trade provides advice on Customs Law, unfair trade practices and prevention measures, provisions on export promotion, non-tariff restrains, preventive audits, and assistance in the Administrative and Customs Matter Proceeding.


The Department of Real Estate Law provides advice to national and foreign developers in the legal and regulatory issues related to the acquisition or disposal of real estate. Additionally, we provide consultancy on leasing and granting of all types of rights over real estate, development, and execution of real estate projects (commercial, industrial, residential, and tourist projects), the constitution of property regimes in condominiums, co-ownership schemes, real estate trusts, processing of permits and authorizations and land uses.


The Department of Privacy and Protection of Personal Data provides innovative, comprehensive, and strategic solutions to comply with Mexican legislation on data protection. Likewise, it provides services for the identification of internal processes and administration of personal data, drafting of privacy policies, privacy notices, advice on handling, and response to requests for rights of data subjects and authorities.

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